“Welcome 2021”


I am actually writing this on Christmas Eve! Somehow the mystery of Christmas is still with me. Here Goes.


Happy Birthday Eve Jesus!


Jesus. Immanuel. God with us.


Amazing. God. On earth. As a baby.


Of all the stars and planets in the universe, You cared so much about this one, God, that You chose to spend time here.


Amazing. On earth. In human form.


So, You who created the universe … ate our food. Drank our water. Spoke in a human voice. Not the all-powerful voice that spoke plants and creatures into existence. Just the simple human voice that shares thoughts and feelings with others. A voice any other human could hear. Not reserved for the ears of prophets only.


Amazing. On earth. To Love.


Capable of ruling over others. Choosing instead to serve others. Loving outcasts. Capable of calling Armies of Angels. Choosing instead to surrender. Surrender unto death.


Service. Surrender.


Amazing. On earth. Alive Again.


Defeating the cycle of life and death. You, God as Immanuel, demonstrated the life to death to life cycle. Anywhere else in the universe only Angels would have witnessed this. Here, on earth, humans saw it. Humans saw and believed.


And now, it is our story. Amazing!


Amazing. On earth. Prepare us.


Prepare this generation to witness God with us. Open our eyes to see what is right in front of us. Open our hearts to love and service. Open our minds to surrender to Your Love. Open our ears to hear Your voice. Prepare us to embrace more of You, Amazing God.


Prepare us for a New, Amazing Year.


We are Yours.


In God’s Holy Spirit, Happy New Year!