Courageous Conversations

Summer 2021


Beginning in 2021, PWUMC began our Courageous Conversations series, exploring hot topics in our world today.
Our Courageous Conversation on Gun Violence was held on June 26, 2022. Pastors Yvi and Choongho and Vicki Krehbiel were joined by panelists Pastor Jess Horsley and Caleb Jeffries to discuss Gun Violence. This conversation focused on creating better awareness of gun violence and explored what the church says about this topic. Watch here — Courageous Conversation on Gun Violence.


Looking for resources to have your own Courageous Conversation on Gun Violence? Use our Gun Violence — Discussion Guide


Our Courageous Conversation on Human Sexuality was held on August 1. Pastors Yvi and Choongho were joined by panelists Keely Golden, Andy & Maureen Hemphill, and Justin Short for a conversation on LGBTQ issues in our community and church. This conversation focused on the personal stories of the panelists, who have a broad range of experiences and insights. The hour-long discussion is available below.


Looking for more information? We recommend the following resources (more to come!):


“Matthew Vines: The Gay Debate” — video

“God and the Gay Christian” — book by Matthew Vines

“Bishop Richard Wilke: A Plea to the United Methodist Church” — video



Courageous Conversation on Racism

Our Courageous Conversation on Racism panel discussion and event was held on Sunday, June 27. Pastor Yvi Martin was joined by panelists Pastor Choongho Kwon, Jamie Grayson, Marsha Roth and Will Majors for a wide-ranging conversation about race in our community and church. The hour-long panel discussion is available below.


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