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Platte Woods United Methodist Church offers a multitude of Sunday morning learning opportunities for adults. There are classes for adults of all ages, with points of emphasis ranging from traditional Bible study to family-focused classes to a class especially for those who come to church alone on Sunday morning. Classes meet at 9:15 or 10:45 a.m. in various locations throughout the church. See below for a brief description of the various classes offered here. For more information on any adult class, please contact Pastor Jessica Richard.

9:15 a.m. Classes

Step By Step
Age Group: 30 -80
Class size: 10
Classroom: 250
We focus on studying the books of the Bible, one book or section at a time. Bible study topics are chosen based on class interest and move around among books of the Bible-both Old and New Testament. Whether you’ve just started to read the Bible or you’ve been reading a long time, we invite you to join us as we get to know the Bible and each other. Jump in, ask questions or listen to others discuss and ponder. We are joined together by a common desire to study the Bible. Participants cover about every demographic (e.g. men, women, married, single, divorced, widowed, with young kids, with teenage kids and empty-nesters). For more information, contact Jason Rule.

Age Group: 70+
Class Size: 5-10
Classroom: 214
Adult Bible Study quarterlies from Cokesbury are provided for each member. Class includes men, women, singles, married. No age limit. For more information, contact Pastor Jessica Richard.

Right Now
Classroom: 256
Weekly gatherings designed to meet you where you are, right now. These classes will get you connected to our community through open conversation, devotion, prayer and service. For more information, contact Ashley Fields.

Faith Connectors
Age Group: 50+
Class Size: 15-25
Classroom: 253
Our lively group has four key focuses: Biblically based studies with life applications to advance our faith, an active outreach and missions focus, a strong support emphasis and a healthy social agenda. We would love to have you visit us. For more information, contact Patricia Dunn.

Around 30s
Age Group: 60+
Class Size: 30-40
Classroom: 257
This class enjoys a variety of class presentations: Bible study, presentation on critical issues of the day, presentations by our pastors and program directors and presentations from directors of important non-profits in the area that are servicing the needy. Participants include a mix of men, women, singles and couples. For more information, contact Susan True.

Age Group: 50+
Class Size: 40
Classroom: 251
We focus on ways to apply our faith to daily life, and we will give you many opportunities to develop supportive friendships. We have a strong focus on spiritual growth and community service. In addition, we serve a great brunch every fifth Sunday! For more information, contact Cherry Stone.

Age Group: 18+
Class Size: 20
Classroom: 252
We enjoy looking at faith questions from various viewpoints through our study of the Bible and a variety of Christian literature. Our discussions are open and stimulating. This is an intergenerational group. Everyone is welcome! For more information, contact Jay Kimball.

10:45 a.m. Classes

Families of Faith
Age Group: 30-50
Class Size: 20-30
Classroom: 250
We tend to do video studies with nationally known teachers like Francis Chan, Adam Hamilton and Andy Stanley. Topics are often about building a godly family, parenting, marriage, and living missionally. Prework is not required but most studies have a book or workbook available for anyone who wishes to engage more deeply in the topic. Our fun activities with both families and couples will help you to find new friends. You have a home with us! For more information, contact Jenny Hundt.

Hearts and Hands
Age Group: 30-70
Class Size: 15-25
Classroom: 254
This class is creative, constructive and forward leaning. We learn, grow and mature toward a deepening, enduring vision of reconciliation with God, self, neighbor, enemy and creation. We read, discuss and apply actions from our bible and books that highlight Jesus’ Way, truth and life. We are involved in missions, CCO and Grand Avenue Lazarus Table. We believe that both charity and working upstream for justice before charity becomes necessary are paths to following Jesus. The class includes empty nesters, young couples and singles. For more information, contact Rex and Janet Archer.

Right Now
Class Size: 20
Classroom: 256
Weekly gatherings designed to meet you where you are, right now. These classes will get you connected to our community through open conversation, devotion, prayer and service. For more information, contact Jean Bouas.

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