What is Double Dog Dare-a-thon?

It’s simple. 

Step 1:  Invite some friends over to your home on Saturday, April 7th to spend the night.

Step 2: Once you’ve signed your team up (hosts only), you’ll be e-mailed 8 dares for your group to complete together, and you’ll upload a photo of the final product for us.  The dares can be anything from “Ugliest Selfie” or “Human Furniture” to “Most Shoes In a Tub” or “Best Action Shot”.   The photos to the right are just a few examples of dare submissions we received last year.

Step 3:  Come to Sunday Not School on Sunday, April 8th (9:15am) to celebrate as we look at the best dares from the night before and give away some awesome prizes!

When is it?:  The event is Saturday, April 7th and the awards ceremony is Sunday, April 8th

Where is it?:  In YOUR home!  This is your chance to host an awesome sleepover and invite your friends to join you at church the next day!

What does it cost?  It’s totally FREE!!